You get what you pay for.

balance between time, quality and money in a project development - rough white chalk drawing on blackboard

Can anyone buy a Ferrari for the same price as a Toyota? Well, graphic design is the same way.  Both cars will take you from point A to point B, as any graphic designer will take the project from point A to point B.

The question is: Do you want a Ferrari or a Toyota? Do you want the best graphic designer or the cheap graphic designer?  If everyone can do graphic design, then why even consider to hire a graphic designer.

You are paying for their creativity, this is the most important aspect of what they do, because there is not an art tool, computer or software that comes with a feature called: “Idea”.  A graphic designer’s “type of creativity” can set them apart from others. You are paying for their knowledge of typography, layout, colour theory, branding, the printing process, their years practicing the art of design, mind mapping and concepts, their skill of drawing, painting, photography, their ability to use the relevant design software.

It’s like asking a professional singer: Why you charge so much? “It’s so easy to sing”. .  Graphic design is the same way. Sure, people can buy the computer and the programmes, but they don’t understand the process and are not trained.

Consider this: McDonald’s offers very cheap burgers, but what is the quality of the meat?

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