Tips for a good logo

Dollarphotoclub_46751268.jpgYour logo is an investment in your company’s future, it’s how the world recognises you.  So it is important to get it right, here are a few things to consider:

A logo has to be designed to work well across all media  i.e. Business stationery, office signage, car signage, billboards, ads, web site, social media.   Will your logo work well for all theses different applications?

Appropriate use of typography for your business model, not too fancy, not too modern, not too classic.

Appropriate colours which will relate well to your business – for example if you had a dental surgery red would not be a good choice of colour.

Ensure your logo has impact and works well in colour as well as black & white. After all your logo will not always be shown in colour.

Try to ensure your logo only has one focal point for the eye to focus on, otherwise the eye is distracted and you lose the impact of the design.

A logo that fits well into an imaginary square can hold more impact and be more effective than one that doesn’t. A boxier shape doesn’t limit you quite as much and can work better on different applications.

The logo should be well balanced and simple.

Your tagline should work in harmony with your logo and not look like an added extra at that last minute.  Have your logo designed by a professional who does invest the time, energy and research to get it right and give you a good result.

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