Ever needed a professional design service but didn’t know who to contact or where to start? You may not have the budget for a fancy agency, but you don’t want a cheap, off the shelf solution from a local printer either. You need someone who can understand and interpret your brand at a cost that’s not going to break your budget.

Pink Piranha offers a highly personal service too. You only deal with one person who listens carefully and develops a quick understanding of what you’re about. Everything from a whole new business identity to a targeted marketing campaign is project-managed by one person.

Services include logo development, business stationery and promotional material such as flyers, posters, brochures, layout for catalogues, and full colour magazines.

The company also designs press advertisements and contributes to marketing campaigns.

At Pink Piranha we develop a close working relationship with our clients.

We work on small, one-off projects or contribute to more involved campaigns.

Pink Piranha manage to keep their overheads down which means services are generally more affordable for small businesses, especially those who are dipping their toe in the water for the first time.

“Many small businesses often overlook the need to budget adequately for the marketing of their business,” says Penny.

“If people don’t know about you, how can you expect them to respond to your offer?”

Penny also appreciates that small business people are very busy. “They don’t have the luxury of a marketing manager to organise their promotional material or position their brand. They generally need help with a logo, business stationery, promotional material and usually their first brochure or catalogue.”

Penny believes that most people recognise that design is not their area of expertise but they usually know good design when they see it.

“And that’s what we offer people. Great design, genuine empathy and a professional, affordable service.”

Call Penny at Pink Piranha 0403 444 660 or go to our contact Pink Piranha page for an obligation free consultation.

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